Mandala of the Tree

Mandala of the Tree consists of pictures which represent the ideal human being.This Mandala contains ten small Mandalas, and each Mandala has four stones. The four groups of stones represent one area in life. Each group of stones has a stone leader, with the central small Mandala being the most essential one. This heart Mandala contains the four stones that represent spiritual existence. Each level of the stones has the elements that belong to it. We begin from the level of earth, then we step into the element of fire where we start our creation of life. From fire we step to the water element and this element represents purification. The most important four stones representing the spiritual life belong to the heart Mandala the water element. Then we have the wind element and from the wind we step on to the space element. The wind elements represent our mind and the unstable movement of thoughts. For the space element there is only one stone, the most powerful symbol Eternity, which represents time. Time is relative, and untouchable.