Mandala of the Cross

Mandala of the Cross is a picture and symbolic formula that shows that the meaning of life is a path to the realization of unconditional love. In this picture we have 25 stones with each stone having a symbolic meaning. Seven fields of this graphic picture have six groups of four stones, and the last and most important stone is on a peak. At the base is a stone, and the meaning of this symbol is a Human being. Then we have the next symbol which is the Shadow. The meaning of the Shadow is the past that is all actions which we have completed. The most important symbol is at the centre of the Mandala, the Crystal and represents belief. This stone is a leader of three other stones and the fusion of these 4 stones represent the vital point of spiritual life. The Crystal from the left-hand side has a Heart and from the right-hand side a Stick. Surrounded by these two symbols the Crystal gives us a message of strong indestructible love. The next symbol on top of the crystal is a Diamond. It belongs to the mind field. The Diamond gives us a message of truth united with the symbol on top that of Eternity. They lead us to the meaning of unlimited or absolute truth.