To order a reading it is necessary to contact me through:

  • Mobile phone:  N/A
  • E-mail:

After filling out the details and finalizing your payment, you will need to go to to download the Skype program which we will use to communicate. Once you have Skype up and running, reply to my email and include your Skype user name, as I need this information to call you.
For the first reading I will need a recent photo of yourself and it is recommended that you read the theory part of my website, so you can have a better understanding of how the whole process of reading stones works.

The First Reading session is for clients who never had experience with this unique system of divination. After the first reading, I will keep a record of all my clients, through that process I can observe particular stones for future references. 

Second Reading session is for old clients and I would usually suggest two readings per year. 

Five reading is a packages that is made for clients who are experiencing a transition period like divorce, health problems or any other stressful moments in life.  

Gift Readings are designed for family members or a friend in need. 

Package of Ten Tutorial Readings are only for students who have passed the Workshop training course. These 10 sessions students can use to help improve their knowledge of reading the stones and gain more insight and practice.





  • First Reading session with stones: 100 Euro
  • Any other Reading: 75 Euro
  • Gift Reading: 60 Euro
  • 5 sessions: 275 Euro
  • 10 Tutorial sessions: 500 Euro
  • 10 sessions, Tutorial Reading students help: 450 Euro