The workshop is designed for clients who would like to learn this unique and profound method of divination.  When we attend school today, we do not learn the most important parts of life, such as, what the main purpose of life is and what are our final goals in life. Alchemy is a symbolic operation which represents the ability to transform. When we say Alchemy, we should consider that it is about expansion and acceleration of the natural process. According to traditional Indian mineralogy, the diamond is formed in the ground like a child is formed in a woman’s womb. Which leads us to the conclusion that a crystal is an unborn diamond? In other words, if somebody practices Alchemy, it will lead them to reveal their authentic inner space, which is a golden cave or a wisdom egg. And that inner space represents returning to our pure state in the mother’s womb. 

In two day weekend seminars, each day 6 hours, the participant will be introduced to:


The tools; forty one stone and each one has a symbolic meaning, a positive and negative side, and some of them, a direction. They are the size of a finger nail. Beginners will be provided with 5 sets of stones so participants can have a group practice.   
A map; three unique graphic pictures that I named as Universal Mandalas. In this representation each stone has a precise position and together they give you the ideal three dimensional illustration of a perfect human being.     
In the last part of the seminar the students can apply the knowledge and see the specific disordered picture, or a unique vision of the dual world in front of them. When we make a distribution of stones in particular way we create the geometric figure in 9 primary fields in the 3 x 3 squares.

Otvoreno predavanje ce biti u Belgradu, Serbia;

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All details will be posted soon.

It is possible to have individual classes through Skype program. The price for the students who already had a workshop with me is: 300 Euro for 10 hours, 
During this process some material will be provided, like picture and text. If you are interested please contact me thorough e-mail.